Q. Can I use images and patterns from your freebie blog for commercial use?

A. Yes you can use our designs for commercial use as long as you build upon them. You can’t take the original file and sell it or distribute it. But if you build on it or heavily edit it, you can.

If you would like the ability to sell and/or redistribute anything on our freebie blog site in it’s original form, you can pay $100 by paypal for a license to do that.

Q. Do I have to give PROFILErehab a credit if I use freebies or content from the freebie blog?

A. We always appreciate a link back to our site and a credit, but you are not required to give credit if you build upon and edit our freebies.  You ARE REQUIRED to give credit if you are offering our freebies on your site in their original form. Then you must provide a screen shot of the freebie and link people to our site to download the file. If you are just using our original work (such as using one of our patterns as your website background), no credit is required.

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